You can Download the AMD Degrees Record form in the Download Button below, where you can control your received degrees.

The Allied Masonic Degrees are an invitational organization, and requires membership in the Royal Arch as well as the Symbolic Lodge. Membership is limited to 27 members per council. The Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America shall control and superintended the following grades with descriptions below. For more information about a particular Degree, “Click” on its graphic below. 

Royal Ark MarinerOrder of the
Secret Monitor
Saint Lawrence
the Martyr
Knight of
Grand Tilers
of Solomon
Excellent Master
ArchitectGrand ArchitectSuperintendent
Masters of TyreInstalled
Sovereign Master
Worshipful Commander Noah
Installed Master of St. LawrenceInstalled Supreme RulerYe Antiente Order of Corks
Order of the
Scarlet Cord
Order of the
Red Branch of Eri