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AMD is invitation only, to visit any local Council you must to have your current AMD Dues Card.

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MVB∴  W. Berry Rigdon
Sovereign Grand Master

Grand Council of the
Allied Master Degrees
of the United States of America




Clyde E. Griffin

State of Georgia Grand Superintendent


On October 25th, 1993 a called communication of Georgia Council U.D. was held for the purpose of constituting a Council of Allied Masonic Degrees. All were invested and received as members of the Allied Masonic Degrees

On December 13th, 1993, the annual communication of Georgia Council U.D. was called and the officers previously elected on October 25th, 1993 at the constitution meeting were voted to be retained as the 1994 officers.

On April 18, 1994, a called communication was held for the purpose of receiving the Charter for Georgia Council. 


It should be noted that between October 1993 and July 1995 the members. of Georgia Council #304 assisted in the formation of nine additional councils. Presently there are a total of 16 authorized councils of the Allied Masonic Degrees in the State of Georgia.


In December of 1994, at annual meeting, it was decided that Georgia Council would host the first statewide Allied Masonic Degrees festival. The festival was held at the Macon Riverside Masonic Lodge on July 22nd, 1995. Since that time Georgia Council # 304 Allied Masonic Degrees has sponsored the statewide festival every year. Today all the annual statewide AMD festival is hold at Tyrian Masonic Lodge #111 building in Warner Robin, GA.


Seventeen brethren were the charter members of Georgia Council and signed the petition requesting the establishment and beginning of the A.M.D.


The seventeen charter members are:

David L. Canaday  

Clyde E. Griffin

Ted H. Hendon *

William M Hutcheson *

Gary D. Lemmons

F. Lamar Pearson Jr. *

Bobby B. Simmons

Joseph P Suttles

C. Danny Wofford

Rex D. Chilton *

Earl D. Harris *

Clarence E. Horne

Thomas T. Irvin *

James E. Miller *

Richard S. Sagar *

James E. Underwood

* Denotes our deceased brethren