T h e  B y z a n t i u m is the official publication of the United Grand Imperial Council of the Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Orders for the United States of America, Mexico and the Philippines.  It is published twice yearly, in the spring and in the autumn.  Its purpose is to inform the members of the Order on the activities of the United Grand Imperial Council at its Annual Assembly held each June, and on the activities of the several regions, divisions and Conclaves.  
Contribution of material, including text and photographs, is earnestly solicited from all corners of the Order.  Send proposed material to the Editor: Frederick G. Kleyn at 11073 Plum Tree Ln, Spring Valley CA 91977-7047, telephone (619) 461-5724, Fax (619) 461-9371.  E-mail: We would like to have articles on any unusual activities of a Conclave, and on all divisional and regional assemblies.  Photographs are most welcome.  They may be film or digital and should be captioned completely as to the identity of the subjects of the photograph, its date, location, the activity it represents, etc.  If the photos are digital, please send the digital file by e-mail, or snail mail on a disk (floppy, or CD.) Submissions should be in the hands of the editor not later than the end of February for the Spring issue, and not later than the end of August for the Fall issue. 
If you have something you’d like to have in an issue, and you are going to be close to the deadline (or a few days after the deadline) please contact the editor well prior to the deadline to arrange for a late submission.  He will work to accommodate your needs, but the need for prompt delivery to the printer must take precedence over all other considerations.